A Few Words

Morris dance is such a body shaking dance that literally makes the ones involved to shed drops of sweat intermittently as the moves change in speed and vigor. It has obtained fame across Europe, and it is well known by the young and the old. The current generation may not say that they have absolute knowledge of the dance since its history dates back to the year 1448. I have fallen in love Morris dance due to the vigor of the moves involved therein, and the discipline of the dancers that show the jig. I am Jamie, born and bled in Manchester. I have read and listened to the history of the dance from various people whose manner of approach differs, but they all point at the same thing: the Morris dance.


I have witnessed the dance being performed in various cities and towns here in the United Kingdom. It is a traditional folkdance that is witnessed in the entire month of May. Of the performances I have attended, the dance is performed by both men and women in groups. They are usually dressed in ceremonial dresses that fit well with the occasion. I have enjoyed watching the dance, even though I have no authoritative information about its origin seeing that it started way before I came into being.

I have enjoyed watching the dance being performed such as May Day, Christmas, and Whitsun. It is interesting to watch as the dancers take to the dance floor with faces painted black. Several people have compared this to the ancient dark skinned Moors. It has been danced through the use of an accordion player, a fiddle player, and a melodeon. I have taken several photos of the dancers with accordions as they take to the streets with a noisy band. I have already taught myself on the manner in which the manner some of the instruments are played such as the accordion. Though I have not been involved in playing the instruments during the Morris dance, I have not missed the live performance of the dance since it is part of what I look forward to during the month of May. I have bought several costumes for the dance so as to identify with the people who are participating in the dance. The white fabrics with colored baldrics that are worn a across the chest is my favorite. Morris dance is such fun in England and the entire Manchester.